Friday, 30 August 2013



And  just like that we are on the last set of looks from Fun Fusion Fashion with Buzzaria !!

When you see these pants the reaction is WOAHHH , some might even call them over the top!

Agreed the print , fabric and texture can be over whelming for some. But then again it's how you style them. Here, we have neutralized the pants by choosing  a solid mustard shirt on top , also the base color in these pants !

Accessories are dull gold, heels are neutral and the bag is brown. All earthy tones to balance the look.

These pants are so colorful, vibrant and festive, they really lifted our mood as soon as we set our eyes on them.

We were pleasantly surprised to learn that Mamta, the creative mind behind Buzzaria has designed these gorgeous pants. <3<3<3

You all should know, Shirin had her heart set on these pants too :-) but they were not available in her size. She was lucky though to have picked up another awesome pair of pants from BUZZARIA.Styling these pants was SUPER fun and as you can see its totally obvious from these pictures. In fact We love this look and can't wait to create MORE looks from these pants.

Stay tuned for more fun looks.

Till then, happy styling loves :-)

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