Saturday, 12 April 2014


We stumbled upon this thought provoking piece on Beautylish recently and could not help but write this post! When was the last time you exfoliated and moisturised your arm pits? Like most of us if you can't remember, continue reading :p

Arm pit or under arm area is an extremely sensitive spot on your body! And it is also one of the most neglected areas!

The sensitive skin on your arm pit is prone to ingrown hairs, infections, psoriasis & rash.  It is extremely important to take out a few minutes to cleanse, exfoliate & moisturise your arm pits.

It is advisable to throughly cleanse your pits with a gentle cleanser using a soft wash cloth. Cleaning arm pits should be part of your regular beauty routine and not a mere after thought.

Once clean, make sure to gently pat dry your arm pits. Don't leave them damp.

At least once a week you should exfoliate the sensitive skin on your pits. The exfoliator you use should be gentle enough to not leave your skin red or irritable.

If you shave your pits, gels are a better bet rather than your regular soap or body wash. Also make sure to not use a razor or blade more than 4-5 times.

Moisturising your under arm area is vital, take out a couple of minutes twice a week to hydrate your skin. This prevents ingrown hairs and needless to say, it nourishes your skin.

Using mild deodorants is of vital importance too. 

Hopefully this post will help you make a conscious change towards taking care of your pits and get you ready for the sleeveless times ahead ;)


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