Saturday, 19 July 2014

9 Effective Ways To Drink More Water

Everyone is aware that drinking at least 8 ounce glasses of water (approx 1.9 litres) daily is essential. Are being able to do that especially with a packed schedule that requires you to be on the move? Answer honestly!

According to the Institute Of Medicine, men are supposed to consume 3 litres and women are supposed to consume 2.2 litres of water every day. 

Our list of obvious yet highly overlooked little habits will ensure that you are more than meeting your daily water consumption targets ;)

  • Always always carry a bottle of water with you.

  • At night, keep a bottle by your bedside. This will ensure that you don't go to bed thirsty and that you drink water as soon as you wake up!

  • Always keep a bottle of water on your desk. 

  • Put timely reminders on your phone. This really works!

  • Download apps such as "Waterlogged" for iPhone and "Water Your Body" for android to keep a track of your daily water consumption! There are tons of apps available on your phone.
  • Get a pretty glass, tumbler, cup and a cute straw if that floats your boat ;)

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  • When eating out, order water instead of drinks with your food. This will not only help you cut calories but also save cash.
  • Eat foods with a high water content such as cucumber, water melon, cantaloupe etc.

  • Flavour your water with lemon, cucumber, mint or fruits like oranges, pineapple etc. Just incase you get bored of drinking regular water, this will keep you going! 

Leave us a comment if you too are guilty of not drinking enough water!
Hoping this post was of some help. xx

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