Sunday, 7 December 2014

Bedroom Styling With Mark Home India

Anyone who has ever visited my room knows that it was crying for a make over. Not anymore though because I have tweaked it around just a bit. And dare I say that I  am quite pleased with the results! My parents house is quite old now and the interiors are very retro but redoing this completely would have cost a fortune. So I decided to go for tiny additions instead!

To make my room look colorful, cosy & festive, I got a bright red bed sheet set which consists of one sheet, one duvet cover and four pillow cases.

My room literally came to life because of this vivid pop of red!

Winter months can be extremely dull & depressing but with a bed sheet this bright it feels like Christmas every day :D

Somewhat cleared my super messy all purpose corner as well ;)

My bed sheet set is from Mark Home and I am absolutely in love with their range of home linen. In fact, I am thinking of getting a blue bed sheet set as well! Can I also just take a moment to mention that the quality of the fabric is amazing and feels super luxurious. The pillow case is also very soft and gentle on the facial skin. Any beauty enthusiast will be very pleased to hear that ;)

If at all you are interested in checking out their range, I am putting their links down below.

See you next time!
Happy styling xo

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