Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Thick and fierce is IN and thin is OUT!
British supermodel Cara Delevinigne will happily take the blame for the thick- bold- fierce eyebrow trend.
If you too face the problem of over plucked sparse-thin brows left at the mercy of over excited threading ladies at your local salon, just take a deep breath, relax and let your brows grow out. Once they grow, invest in a pair of good tweezers and then just pluck the extra hair out. 
For those who don't have naturally thick brows, get a soft brown eyebrow pencil. Fill out your bows by following the natural shape and fill in gaps by sketching in short hairs. Then brush them with an angled brush or a spoolie brush. 
Keep it simple and natural. Thick eyebrows make you look younger!
Thumb rule while selecting a brow pencil-  if you have dark hair choose a brow pencil three shades lighter than your hair!! And for blonde/light hair use a brow pencil that is two or three times darker than your hair.

Always remember, your eye brows are like sisters and not identical twins. Don't try and make them look identical or you will pluck them to nothing ;)

Bollywood fashionistas keep their brows thick and fierce

Happy Styling xo

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