Wednesday, 31 July 2013


A legend named "Dr Martens" was born on April 1st 1960 when Bill Griggs from England collaborated with Munich based Dr Maertens.
Dr Maertens had gone through a foot injury while skiing and as a result he and his friend Dr Funck invented the revolutionary air cushioned sole.
Needless to say, When Griggs contacted Maertens, history was made!!!
This 50 year old Brit footwear brand is characterized by its distinct air-cushioned sole, welted construction and yellow stitching.
Dr Martens have transitioned from working man's boots to a fashion must have! Popularly called Docs or Doc Martens, these boots are immensely popular with models and celebrities world over!!!
These boots have always been symbolic of the brash self expression of youth and bring forth the spirit of being different , being original and constantly challenging the past and present!
Doc Martens are classic, extremely stylish and comfortable! A definite deadly combination!
LBBS loves Docs especially the floral print ones!!!
Do you own a pair of Doc Martens? Share pictures with us!! We would love to hear from you!!
Happy Styling xoxo

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