Friday, 11 October 2013


Feeling Dirty ??;-)

How about making yourself some superbly simple and cost effective body wash? ? We are not the biggest fans of messy soap bars! Body wash on the other hand is easy to use, lathers well and feels luxurious! So we thought of this crazy trick to turn soap into body wash and pamper ourselves!

We have fallen in love with the creative recipe and have been busy making batches of this DIY body wash to keep up with its demand from friends and family ;)

In the midst of all this we thought of sharing this luxurious formula with you!!!

What you need:

 Soap bar (any) we have used half of this rose bar

  •  Cheese Grater

  • Distilled Water

  • Rose Water

  • Almond Oil (Optional)

  • Essential oil (any) we have used rose 

1 cup to measure
Wooden ladel
Container for your Body Wash

Let’s get started!

1.      Start this magical recipe by grating soap 

2.      After grating, add soap flakes to the pan

3.      Add 2-3 cups of water. You can add more water later if the mix is too thick.

4.   Place the pan on stove (medium heat) for 30 minutes. Stir the liquid till flakes disappear. It will start looking thick and milky.

5.      Since the water will evaporate while heating you might need to add some more to get to the right consistency.

6.        Let the body wash sit to cool for about 30 minutes.

7.      Add some rose water, essential oil and almond oil. Mix it well and pour it in a clean jar or any used empty body wash container

Voila!!! Your super luxurious yummy body wash is ready to use!! 

Did we mention how great this smells? And almond oil leaves your skin feeling soft, supple and sexy!

Things to remember!!!

For first timers- when you attempt this DIY, the amount of water you need to add may vary based on different kinds of soap. 

Start with 2-3 cups of water. If the liquid gets too thick once it cools, heat it again and add more water to it. If the body wash is runny add some more soap and put it back on stove till you get the right consistency.

We really hope you get to try this!! Leave us a comment if you do.

Till next time, Happy Styling xo

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