Thursday, 10 October 2013

Retro Vintage Dungarees

Here we have combined three currently trendy items! Dungarees/Overalls (these are vintage... thank you mommy for bringing retro back), fanny pack and mirrored sunglasses! We have added some sliver spiky arm candy to bring this look together.You could also wear canvas sneakers instead of heels to make it even more casual.
You could ditch the fanny pack and carry a bright clutch instead, making the look more dressed up.

Style tip- Fold up the cuffs of your dungarees to make it look chic! Two folds will do the trick.

Look Details-
Retro Vintage Dungarees-Borrowed from Mom's closet 
Fanny Pack- Primark
Mirrored Sunglasses-H&M
Top- Local Exhibition in Delhi
Arm Candy-LBBS
On Face- Maybelline Clear Glow Bright BB cream
Heels- Local Boutique in London

Happy Styling everyone xo

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