Thursday, 20 March 2014


We stumbled upon this absolutely fabulous piece on hairbrushes and combs on Refinery29 and just had to share it with you all!

Ever wondered why so many types of hairbrushes and combs are available in the market?

They are all made for different, specific purposes! Go through the following information so that you can choose suitable hair tools!

It is very important to choose the right brush for your hair type, style and texture to avoid damage.

·      Round Paddle Brush is good to brush medium and long hair and it works on any type or texture.

·      Square/ Rectangle Paddle Brush is good for detangling long, wet and thick hair.

·      Use a Natural Bristle Paddle Brush for brittle and thin hair. Natural bristles are good to the scalp and help prevent static. They help detangle the hair with minimum breakage or damage.

·       A Round Metallic Brush works really well for styling long, medium and thick hair.

·      Round Bristle Brushes  are made for styling bangs and short hair perfect and adding curls or waves.

·      A Vented Brush is used for drying short and medium hair.  It works well if your hair is prone to static. It also reduces tedious drying time.

·      Wide-Tooth Comb is great for detangling wet hair. To avoid, start by combing small sections of your hair. Slowly move from bottom to the top.

·      Fine-Tooth Comb is good for evenly applying any hair product and even scalp medications.

·      Boar Teaser is used for teasing hair and adding volume to it therefore works well while working with updos or semi updos.

·      Pin or Rat-Tail Comb is used for creating a perfect part with its pointed end.

As far as hairbrushes are concerned try and go for natural bristles or nylon bristles. Avoid plastic bristles, as they are known to damage hair.

Take out time to gently brush your hair. Never do it in a hurry and always work on it by dividing your hair into small sections.

Happy hairstyling ;)

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