Thursday, 5 June 2014

Summer Fruit, Granola & Yoghurt Parfait

Clean eating most certainly does not mean boring food! There is a healthy version of almost everything! You  just need to look out for it ;)

Our fruit, granola & yoghurt parfaits are so delicious but minus the guilt! The secret is to make your own granola and not buy the stuff available at supermarkets. Its loaded with sugar & preservatives.

Lets get right into the recipe!!

Roast a handful of rolled oat , raisins and nuts (almonds, walnuts etc) of your choice in a pan. Sprinkle a bit of cinnamon powder. When brown & crispy add a tiny amount of honey (we added just half a teaspoon). Thats it, your granola is ready! Alternately you can bake this mixture in an oven for 20 mins or until crisp & brown.


Simple enough? Lets move forward.

Chop one banana, one mango & one pear into tiny pieces.  Mix them together. Add some grapes to this fruit mix.


We have used fruits that are seasonal, cheap & readily available. You can add berries to this or any other fruits that you like of similar consistency!

And now it's really just an assembly job. In mason jars or wine glasses or any other clear glass containers you fancy layer fruits, yogurt and granola. Repeat till you reach the very top!

Thats it your guilt free parfait is ready. These are best served chilled! An ideal breakfast, snack or dessert that you can whip up in minutes and is bound to impress! Needless to say, this is extremely clean & healthy ;)

Enjoy xo

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