Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Roasted Beetroot, Mango & Red Cabbage Salad

Roasted beetroot, mango and red cabbage salad!

Served with grilled cottage cheese and candied walnuts!

Sounds amazing right? Lets get right into the recipe :)

This delicious, colourful & healthy salad is perfect for summer. Literally a plateful of happiness & is stunningly simple to make! Earthy sweetness of roasted beet root comes together beautifully with the sharpness of mango and crunchy red cabbage. This one is going to be a mighty delightful treat.

What You Need

1 big sized beet root
1 Mango- Any variety of your choice (peeled and cut into cube like pieces)
Half a red cabbage ( cut into cube like pieces)
1 Apple ( cut into cube like pieces)
Parsley-  A few sprigs

Fresh orange juice - 4 table spoons
Extra virgin olive oil – 2-3 table spoons
Vinegar- 1 table spoon
Lime juice- 1- table spoon
Honey- 2 table spoons
Black pepper- to taste
Salt- to taste

Mix all the ingredients together and whisk to form a nicely consistent dressing.

On The Side
Candied walnuts (Healthy ones can skip the candied bit ;) )
Grilled cottage Cheese

How To Roast A Beet Root

Wash the root but don't peel it and put it to boil for about 25-30 minutes. Take it out and bake it a low heat oven for just a few minutes.  Peel, slice & plate it up!

Final Step
Arrange beetroot, mangoes, apple and red cabbage chunks in a bowl and drizzle over the dressing.
Serve it with grilled cottage cheese and candied walnuts.

Enjoy xo

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