Wednesday, 1 October 2014

#SayNoToBars (Soap) With Garnier Men India

There's nothing unmanly about quality skin care. It reduces acne, effects of ageing and brings out a clear complexion with a remarkably healthy glow. Women world over prefer men with nice soft skin and definitely not men with bad or rough skin. Trust us!

Smooth & supple skin is not only attractive to look at but also amazing to touch & feel. Plus it goes on to show that you spend time taking care of yourself. And most importantly it makes YOU feel so good.

Proper cleansing is the key to healthy skin. As far as cleansing goes, we completely understand that you guys are looking at no frills or fancy cosmetics. The idea is to get your face clean without making a fuss. But also NOT damaging your skin. And the solution does not lie in soap bars.

Soap bars are usually meant for your body and have an adverse drying effect on your face. Facial skin is known to be much more sensitive than the skin on the rest of your body.

Soap bars are also unhygienic as the same bar is frequently used for multiple purposes. You obviously cannot use the bar that you have used all over your body on your face. Its common sense! We are sure you don’t have different soap bars assigned for different purposes. That is inconvenient , impossible and impractical.

Just imagine the number of times you have washed your hands with that soap bar and where all have your hands been before you washed them. Now add to that the number of times other people in your family or guests may have used the same bar. This should be scary enough to keep you away from soap bars for life!

Lets get to some technical stuff now! Soap’s PH is alkaline, while your skin's PH is somewhat acidic. The PH of a substance (ranging from 0 to 14) tells how acidic or alkaline it is. (H2O is neutral with PH of 7)

An alkaline environment helps acne-causing bacteria grow. It also interferes with skin's harmony! Your skin works like a protective shield keeping germs out while locking in moisture. Playing with your skin's PH results in dryness and irritation.

Deodorant soaps with strong fragrances often hurt the already inflamed skin and cause more irritation.

Men with oily skin or acne often sin thinking soap with a stronger formula will solve their woes. But it only irritates further causing more spots, redness and itching.

The skin on your face is rather delicate and constant shaving makes it even more sensitive, vulnerable & prone to breakouts.

Instead, invest in a gentle product customised to suit your skin type. A face wash that is designed to deep cleanse your facial skin while keeping it hydrated is the ideal solution. Face washes usually come in tubes and that means the product inside is never in physical contact with any dirty surfaces. A face wash tube is not only hygienic  but also travel friendly and is easy to pack & carry.

We strongly recommend for you to try Garnier Men Oil Clear Face Wash for a deep cleansing action that removes excess oil without drying your skin. The formula is tried & tested. Many of our male friends have been using this product and are very satisfied with results.

We would also urge all of you to take a pledge against the use of soap bars and join Garnier Men India in their nationwide movement #Saynotobars! 
(Take the pledge here)

Gentlemen, are you in? Or are you in?

Images- Garnier India 

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