Friday, 26 September 2014

Rediscovering The Wardrobe

It's really exciting to rediscover forgotten pieces in your wardrobe and creating a cute outfit randomly. Isn't it?

Note to self: Your wardrobe is super messy and you need to edit/clean more often ;)

Anyway, we have had all these separates for a while now with the exception of this bag & neck piece. Those two are fairly new. And even though the outfit is really a "no brainer" we are very pleased with the way it looks :)

What do you think? And have you re discovered any treasures in your wardrobe lately? Tell us.

Top- CK
Skirt- George At Asda
Neck piece- Janpath, New Delhi
Bag- Batik (Turkey)
Heels- Zara

Happy styling xo

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