Thursday, 12 February 2015

Valentine's Day (Late) Gift Guide- India Edition

For some insane reason you are still not sorted for Valentines Day, head over to Shahpurjat and visit the jewellery store Nimai. With multiple jewellery brands such as Suhani Pittie, Prerto, Bangdar Sarali and Dohra under one roof, you are bound to find a spectacular jewel for the special one. 

Shahpurjat, New Delhi 
+91 11 64300113
 Bangdar Sarali
 Suhani Pittie

A girl can never have too many accessories! Another designer who does stunning statement jewellery with the most gorgeous stones is Samiksha Mehra of Pink Basket. Book an appointment now or check for same day delivery options.

Pink Basket
6A, Shahpurjat
New Delhi
+91-9819819223 / +91-9899165328

If you are really pressed on time then a quick trip to Forest Essentials or Kiehl's or L'occitane  could save the day!

Happy Valentines Day xx

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