Monday, 18 August 2014

Lbbs Goes To Social Offline Haus Khas Village

We finally made it to Social Offline, Haus Khas last week for a meal, well not really a meal but a 4pm in-between meetings break!


While we are certainly no food critics, our aim is to discover stylish places to eat in the city.
And there is no doubt that Social is one of the most on trend places to eat & drink in Delhi. The drinks are ace, there's a wide selection of food and the best part is that everything is priced decently.
The collaborative work space upstairs complete with adjoining conference rooms and speedy Wifi is a damn neat concept especially with a flat INR 5000 per month charge (redeemable against food & drinks) that sounds just too good to be true. For creative junkies & freelancers all over the city, this is just perfect.


The testimony to this lies in the fact that we walked in at 4 pm on Wednesday afternoon thinking it will be relatively quiet. No sir, even then the place was full  upstairs (social's working crowd) and down (social's social crowd).
The setting cannot get better as it is located centrally in Haus Khas Village coupled with a breathtaking view of the park & lake.The place has been designed & done up in rustic & earthy tones with exposed brickwork, walls, ducts & panels.

We ordered a Watermelon Vs Feta Salad and their Mezze Platter followed by Lentil Kebobs and then a Watermelon Caipirojca Gateau


The Social experience is not complete without their speciality drinks. We ordered Barrel No. 12 which is served in a smoky wooden barrel, Spiced Guava with a green chilly kick and a glass of Red Wine Sangria.

Our generous hosts sent across a very tall glass of their Longest Long Island Iced Tea in Toxic!  It's a shame we couldn't finish this as the meeting afterwards required for us to be on best behavior :(


The only thing left to say- one meal one time is not enough. Lets just say that when we have a busy day in the city, we might just call our meetings at Social and end the day with post work cocktails ;)

Address- 9A & 12, Haus Khas Village, New Delhi-16

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