Saturday, 7 September 2013


Hello Gorgeous Lips <3<3

We have already shared our secret DIY Lip Scrub formula on the blog and now its time for another DIY magic potion!!!!

Today we are going to show you a quick trick to make YOUR OWN tinted lip balm! And we bet that you will find all the ingredients at home :-)

Lip care often gets neglected! This is strange because its a known fact that our lips are more sensitive compared to our skin.

We all agree that lip balms are essential and work magically to not only protect and hydrate but make our lips look soft  & sexy!  

So why not get creative and make one right away, at HOME!

 Lets get started <3<3<3

All you need is -

A lipstick!

Vaseline and a empty pot to store!

One spoon!

One lip brush to mix!


Get a small empty lip balm pot and put a spoonful of  Vaseline in it. (Refer picture 2)

Gently cut a small chunk of the lipstick of your choice with a clean spoon and add it to the lip balm pot.  

You can use an old (not very old :p) lipstick for this (Refer picture 3)

Use a small lipstick brush to blend Vaseline and lipstick together till the mixture is a smooth paste. 

Secure the lid on lip balm pot and place it in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes to chill before use. And VOILA your tinted lip balm is ready!!!!

 Bring out the sexy pout with this DIY tinted lip balm ;)

If you get to try this yummy DIY lip balm please share your experience with us !!! We would love to hear from you!!!! <3

Happy styling xoxo

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