Monday, 4 November 2013



Embracing #change, one outfit at a time…
In a world where everyone wants instant gratification and social media is served before breakfast, investing in an android phone is essential; especially for working professionals and creative souls. As stylists and bloggers, we have recently and reluctantly crossed over to the HTC One and are currently exploring and experimenting with its varied features and applications!

Toying around with the phone camera last week in our studio; our creative sides totally charged up, we decided to test the camera and challenge ourselves!

       Selfie Time

Festive Season Loving

Until now, we have been doing one look every week for our blog but that situation is going to CHANGE! Both of us will upload our respective "Outfit of the Day" (OOTD) every working day of the week shot with “HTC One” camera!!

We normally use a DSLR for our shoots but for our OOTD activity, we are switching to our brand new HTC One handsets. And this is going to be a challenge for us! An extremely exciting ONE!!
Bye Bye DSLR

Hello HTC
Each look will be unique & different. However, individual items may be repeated. For example heels, bags, accessories etc. And we will only use our HTC handsets to shoot!

By doing this exercise hopefully we will able to inspire you, give you styling ideas and show you how you can get creative with existing wardrobe!

Words are not enough to describe our excitement about this change! See you very soon with our first set of OOTDs!!! Till then Happy Styling!

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