Saturday, 16 November 2013


We simply love the "in between months"! What we simply mean by in between months is the transitional period between seasons.  Don't know about you all but we turn extremely creative while planning our outfits ;)

Pink & gray make a stunning color combination.They are also two of the most trendy colors for Fall & Winter this year! The tricky bit here is mixing three different shades of pink. It works because we are playing with different textures (top, blazer & bag)

We have accessorized this look with a gorgeous silver statement piece. Its by a label called "Clang Clan" which is available at our favorite store, Buzzaria!  Assorted silver arm candy keeps this neck piece good company.

I absolutely love these bicycle print shorts, also from Buzzaria. They are by a brand called "Funk For Hire". These shorts are very edgy but also versatile because gray is a neutral shade! They do not restrict you in terms of styling. If you have always wanted to experiment with style, these shorts are a great way to start.You are pushing your boundaries without taking major fashion risks!


This look is ideal for now as the pink blazer protects you from the chill. You could also wear skin colored stockings for extra cover!!
And black pumps with small to medium sized heels work great in pretty much every situation!

Pink top- Primark
Pink linen blazer- Primark
Shorts- Funk for hire, Buzzaria
Pumps- Footstep
Bag- Siam Square, Bangkok
Assorted arm candy- Janpath Market, Aldo
Statement neck piece- Clang Clan, Buzzaria

Happy Styling xoxo

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